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Apron Human Body


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Do you want to educate your child in the funniest way? Now a day, people use a lot of educational toys to teach and develop their kids. Introducing this Anatomy apron human body, one of our latest additions!  

First of all, it contains all the internal organs in the human body, so your child can play and learn at the same time! Teach kids about the human organs, their shapes, where they’re located, and possibly help spark an interest to learn more about their functions. Your child will quickly learn about all of the vital organs and will have fun doing so! 

What a great way and fun way to get an understanding of anatomy and spark and interest in the roles and functions of human organs! In addition, it’s made of non-toxic materials or any other questionable resources to manufacture the educational toys, so there is no reason to worry about the probable smell!

The Package included:
*1x Educational apron 
Size: 60cmx44cm

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